About us

DEFENVER, originally formed as DEFENDER in 2014, is a post-hardcore band from Switzerland. Personal and musical transformations as well as changes in the band’s line-up have led to the recent name change, implemented to reflect the band’s new identity. The “V” in DEFENVER represents their philosophy of a united front; the band’s spirit is marked by their shared belief in the importance of solidarity and the crucial role of the individual in the accomplishment of a common vision. They charm their audience with a down-to-earth attitude and through personal connection, delivering energetic live shows characterized by a symbiosis of power and passion. In 2021 DEFENVER will drop their sophomore album “Blank Bouquet”, produced by Sebastian Schiess (CH) and Sky van Hoff (DE), a tribute to their shared values and philosophy.
The album cover shows a colourful bouquet, featuring uniquely beautiful flowers that appear on the verge of getting lost among the rest. But the bouquet’s existence depends on that flowers as it gives color and form to it. This symbolizes the value of the whole and the one as well as their relationship of codependence. In addition to social and societal problems, wars and natural disasters constantly shape and reshape the world we live in. Humanity is faced with challenges that can only be tackled by a unified entity, when solidarity and equality find their place in our society, so “will we stand as brothers and sisters like flowers in a blank bouquet?” – DEFENVER – Thorns
Let’s start a revolution, I’m still digging graves for coffins! – DEFENVER – Minds at Ease
DEFENVER’s call for change is already evident in the first sentence on “Blank Bouquet”. Their lyrics express the band’s stance on recent and recurring personal and societal issues. The fear, anger, aggression and grief they encounter on a daily basis are counteracted with empathy, optimism, hope and an unquenchable thirst for action.
“I lost all fear
And gained new hope
When pain cuts you deep
Empathy will be your remedy”
  • DEFENVER – Blank Bouquet